Mike W Testimonial

A little over two years ago, I nervously started boot camp at Crossfit Pawling. On the first day of the camp, I was asked for a short term and long term goal. I knew my short term, but I was not sure how big my long term goal should be. I decided to go big and put down that I wanted to weigh under 200 pounds(this would require losing 94 pounds). I have had many gains and setbacks, but this community of truly great people has always been encouraging, motivating, and welcoming. I really just want to say thank you to everyone. Joining CrossFit Pawling has improved my life in too many ways to list and I am grateful for all of you.

– Mike W.

CFP Pic 1

I joined CrossFit Pawling in November of 2018 with the goals of losing some weight and meeting new people. I was nervous and intimidated, but the community has been so inviting and positive. I’ve gone above and beyond my goals—I’ve lost weight and inches, learned how to count macros and meal prep, learned all of the movements and most importantly, met the most amazing community!!  The coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and compassionate.  I’m in the BEST shape I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’m physically and mentally stronger and I’m so happy I made the decision to be a part of CrossFit Pawling.

– Pauline D.

Lindsay M.

You will never find a group of dedicated coaches anywhere else. They are committed to you and help you achieve your goals whatever they may be. This is such an amazing place and the sense of community is unbelievable.

– Lindsay M.


CFP has a knowledgeable and caring coaching staff and a fun and supportive community for all fitness levels and all types. Special Nutrition and Fitness Challenges throughout the year help keep you on track. Strength days mixed with metabolic conditioning yield the best results. The mixture keeps you coming back, and over time, you’ll be the fittest you’ve ever been.

– Dave W.

Heidi S.

No matter your age, if you think you can’t do it, you can! Nothing in this world is easy, CrossFit is very challenging but fun. The coaches are amazing and everyone who goes is working towards the same goal, to better themselves, there is no judging just encouraging words. When you leave class everyday you feel tired, satisfied and proud of yourself!

– Heidi S.

Amber W.

What is so amazing about this program vs. another gym, is that if I missed a month, no one would contact me to see what was going on. It shows that this is more than a business and a true community atmosphere.

– Amber W.

Sabrina C

Joining CrossFit Pawling was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Not only has it changed my life physically it’s changed me mentally as well. I feel & look way better and the family atmosphere is so positive & welcoming! It’s a win win!

– Sabrina C. 

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P+PA Certified
WAG Coach