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CrossFit Pawling is a functional fitness gym offering group workouts and private training for all fitness levels and goals. Our professional team of coaches are experts at getting you the best workout for your needs and in a safe and supportive environment. No matter if you are a seasoned athlete who is looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit, or just starting out on your fitness journey, our coaches and support staff make sure you are able to participate in every workout and push yourself to your safest limits all while having fun. You will also find a community of like-minded people to support you within our walls in the other members you meet.

Why Crossfit?


constantly varied


We need constant variety and bright spots to encourage activity. If your workout feels routine, you probably won’t stick with it long. In addition, when you vary your workouts, you will increase the adaptations made, ie increased strength, endurance, speed, flexibility etc.


functional movements


Humans are not robots, so don’t train like one. The best results come from simulating real life movements in the gym.  Pick up objects from the ground, carry them, put them on your shoulder and evn overhead.In CrossFit we train multiple muscles at the same time which is not only time efficient, but will release more hormones that will increase muscle and burn fat compared to isolation exercises.

Heart rate

high intensity


We can’t avoid intensity.  Exercise that is intense enough to demand our full concentration is necessary for stress reduction and achieving maximum benefit.  That’s why we provide workouts that are challenging and push limits for any individual whether its straight off the couch or training for the field.


Our approach is unique and tailored to each individual who enters our gym. We want to discuss your goals and milestones with you and work together to achieve them. With our nutritional advice, as well as hands on training, we are confident that together we can achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health and well being.

meet your coaches

Crossfit Coach Keith

coach keith

My passion in life is to share my enthusiasm for a healthy and fulfilling life with as many people as possible!

Crossfit Coach

coach alexis

I have been coaching and personal training CrossFit since 2015. I focus on developing my skills to coach anyone that walks into our doors. For me, CrossFit is about moving to improve your life and how you feel every day. Nothing fires me up more than watching my athletes crush their goals!

dr. ian bennett

Being a chiropractor, I look toward lifelong health and fitness, this pushes me to test myself and try new aspects of physical fitness, that’s why I tried CrossFit. I enjoy coaching because motivating people to push themselves and seeing the results of that determination as success in the gym. 

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